Who is Anne Brown

Dr. Anne Brown, PhD, RN of Sausalito, California, formerly from Aspen, Colorado, in her private practice, has served as the trusted advocate and advisor to Influential Corporate leaders, Trial Attorneys, Athletes, Leaders, Physicians and their families, many whose connections extend well beyond the town of Aspen. As she conveys in Backbone Power, it is obvious that we can no longer pretend that people-pleasing and addiction doesn’t exist; it is prevalent. Most if not all of us know at least one individual who is suffering from an addiction, victimhood, or martyrdom. It touches all of our lives in some way. Reality is, it won’t go away without taking necessary action and standing up to those who are masters at sabotaging your own growth.


Dedicated Too

Everyone or anyone that has been in the position to say no, and wanted to, but didn't. Being in control of our actions and decisions, helps us live healthier and happier lives. WE DESERVE IT!! Anne believes her book will mentor those who suffer the doom of constantly saying “yes” to everyone else, while saying “no” to their own opportunities.


Resiliency: A Gift Of Divorce

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I can remember years ago wondering if there was a bush I could hide under to stop the life lessons that were pounding me all at once. Forget bad things come in threes, this was multiple of threes. Most of us have had times in our lives where we want to yell “uncle”. Well throw […]

Infidelity in Your Marriage Stage IV

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“Cheating on a good person is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock”.  In Stage IV the focus will be on reinventing yourself. Now you are living your life either as a single/parent or a couple healing from the betrayal in your marriage. When you are successful in this healing process, you […]

Infidelity in Your Marriage Stage III

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In my first article Stage I, we addressed the challenges of confirming the infidelity, the boundaries I recommended you set, and then the two possible scenarios which can result from those boundaries. In my second article about Stage II we discussed the first steps of the two scenarios. Scenario I is the decision to stay […]

Infidelity in Your Marriage Stage II

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In our first article or what we will call Stage I of Infidelity in your Marriage, we discussed the challenges of confirming the infidelity, the boundary I recommend you set and then two possibilities that can result from that boundary. Now we are going to explore Stage II with both scenarios that we addressed in […]

Infidelity in Your Marriage Stage I

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Anyone who thought they signed up for a traditional, monogamous marriage, only to discover their partner had other ideas about monogamy, remembers the horrific moment they realized they had been betrayed. People have described being curled up in the fetal position unable to move, in bed for days, crying and/or screaming uncontrollably for days, rage, […]

5 Reasons You Need a Backbone to Divorce

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No one plans on getting divorced when they get married, and yet that is a possible outcome for some. If you have spent your life mastering people pleasing, always saying yes, being diplomatic, and putting everyone else’s needs before yours, you will suffer tremendously if you are confronted with going through a divorce. The following […]

Ways Divorced Parents Abandon Their Children

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As we know from previous discussions about divorce, children are innocent victims and often find themselves on a road filled with emotional land mines. When a child loses his in-tact family good, bad, or ugly as the family may be, he experiences abandonment. However the family system has been set up, the system is no […]

Healthy Communication Post- Divorce

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Divorce is one of those life lessons that can derail us for a long time or produce a breakdown that leads to many breakthroughs. It is really our choice on whether we want to use our divorce to stagnant or grow. You may be sitting thinking, “I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t do anything […]

My Divorce is Final! (It sure doesn’t feel that way!)

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If you have followed my guidelines including the most important, “fight for your marriage” and you find yourself divorced, it is time to reinvent yourself. If you have had an amicable divorce and you both are smart enough to know everyone’s recovery will be better if everyone lands on their feet, Congrats! Your first year […]

The Dark Side of Holidays and How to Make Them Light!

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The divorce is final and now we have the challenge of the first year. The first year after your divorce and every year thereafter is going to contain holidays. As with all of our challenges in life, it is never the challenge, it is always our perception of the challenge. Years ago when I was […]