The Dark Side of Holidays and How to Make Them Light!

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The divorce is final and now we have the challenge of the first year. The first year after your divorce and every year thereafter is going to contain holidays. As with all of our challenges in life, it is never the challenge, it is always our perception of the challenge. Years ago when I was […]

Say No to Abusive Relationships Forever!

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Unfortunately, when you grow up with emotional or physical abuse your body can wire love and abuse together and it think’s that is normal. Some people who grew up with abuse have the ability and resilience to say NEVER again. Often we find if there was one person who provided unconditional love the child can […]

The Abusive Marriage – What Happened to Me?

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In order to heal from an abusive marriage, it is important to understand what happened. The following are some scenarios and tactics of the perpetrator used to keep you under his/her thumb. See if you can identify any you recognize and let’s see if we can unravel this abusive puzzle. The first scenario will be […]