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Backbone Power The Science of Saying No

“Finally someone has tackled the ‘yes’ when I really mean ‘no’ problem. Anne Brown succinctly guides the reader through the journey of understanding self and other in the process of making decisions. This book is a must read cross culturally that brings clarity to the reader and the world around them.”

       Jerry Jampolsky, MD, author of Love is Letting Go of Fear  and  A Mini Course in Life


“Dr. Brown gives us pearls of wisdom in a thought provoking and easy to read format. It is possible that you will find yourself somewhere in these pages. However, you will also find the solution that paves the way to becoming your own Warrior. Result? A more authentic, joyful and well adjusted you!”

Lee Johnson, PhD, Owner and CEO of Casa Palmera


“Your experience, commitment and compassion has risen up out of you in the form of a book that we will all be better reading more than once. Backbone Power The Science of No helps us to see what we do not see, but must see if we are ever to set a new course for creating the life we know deep down inside is possible.”

Allan Hunkin, Life Enhancement Speaker, Writer, Broadcaster, Author ofFinding the Elegant Solution in Any Solution

“It is taken me decades to realize that saying ‘no’ to someone else can actually be a big ‘yes’ for me. Anne Brown has taken the unconscious driven dilemma of not being able to say ‘no’ because…and brought it into the full consiousness of choice. At any given moment we are making choices based on either love or on fear and this book can surely strengthen your emotional backbone to make the best choices possible for a truly fulfilling life.”

Diane Cirincione, PhD. Executive Director at Attitudinal Healing International, Author of Finding Our Way Home


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