Common Sense Tools for the Friend of Someone Who is Brainwashed!

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Love the article? Share it.. Most of us know or have known someone we care about who has come under the influence of a perpetrator using him/her for self-serving purposes. Very smart, educated, healthy people can, for some unknown, reason come under the spell of opportunistic, toxic, and insecure people. It is very puzzling for […]

Common Sense Ways to Stay Friends With a Victim

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Love the article? Share it.. Are you frustrated with someone you care about who appears to be the victim of a perpetrator? Do you find yourself getting angry for this person? We all have examples of these situations and we often struggle with what to say, how much time to spend with the victim, and […]

Codependency and Narcissists: Let’s Make Something Go Right! (Part II)

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Love the article? Share it.. In Part I, we discussed how the codependent is a perfect victim for the narcissist. We discussed our working definition of codependency: a system of distortions that exists on a continuum. Codependents learn personality traits that interfere with knowing one’s self and others. Codependents take care of others, often ignoring […]