It Is Time For Democrats To Grow A Backbone

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david and goliath

The elections are over.  I join those who are requesting the Democrats, all democrats including the President, grow/find/buy a Backbone! If you say you are going to do something, we listen agreement, and we need to see you do everything in your power to keep your agreements. We then want you to tell us about it!  We want to hear the stories of all the agreements we elected you to keep and who stood in the way of you keeping those agreements. If certain people obstructed you in keeping your agreements, and if our thinking brain cells are working on Election Day, we are not going to elect the people who stood in your way.

Now Hate ads are nasty when they are coming at you. The answer is not more hate ads. There are lots of examples of winning without matching hate for hate. Get bold with your new backbone, stand for what you believe and made agreements to do, do it, and then give us the report. Truth is very powerful! If you waffle about what we all believe is best for most people, you open a door you don’t want to open. We should all know what you believe. We should all know how you fought for it!

There is a bit of a David and Goliath going on with Goliath being the money and David needing to counter with the truth! When truth wins we have a foundation. If it doesn’t win right away,we have dignity and resolve to come back stronger.

Malala Yousafzai was attacked with hate and she is responding with her commitment and her truth. She is winning!

Pope Francis was thrown into a fractured discourse and with his quiet strong backbone he is slowly healing this discourse.

We need some Backbone examples to emerge from the mid term elections soon. What do you believe? What is your truth? Show us your backbone and commitment to your truth?


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