Say No to Abusive Relationships Forever!

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Unfortunately, when you grow up with emotional or physical abuse your body can wire love and abuse together and it think’s that is normal. Some people who grew up with abuse have the ability and resilience to say NEVER again. Often we find if there was one person who provided unconditional love the child can […]

Your Child is not your Messenger! (by: Dr. Anne Brown PhD, RNCS)

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One would think after going through a difficult, and many times nasty divorce from a contentious (narcissistic, borderline, psychopathic, or sociopathic for example) partner he/she might be done with you and want to move on. You will probably find this will not be the case especially if there are children involved. One reason is the […]

Grow up Mom and Dad!! (by: Anne Brown, PhD, RN CS)

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Mom and Dad, what do you think it is like for me 3′-4′ high weighing in at 90-100lbs when I hear the “our family is getting divorced” conversation? I think the way things happen in life is somehow two people get together and create a family with little people like me growing up trying to […]