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Welcome to Backbone Power, where we delve deep into ‘The Science of Saying No’ with a practical, no-nonsense approach to decision-making. This self-help guide is your roadmap to cultivating backbone and integrity in every choice, whether short-term or long-term.

Dr. Anne Brown, author, Backbone Power The Science of Saying No

Discover the Backbone Power Method for Success

Are your decisions benefiting your success? How do you ensure you’re making the right choices? Explore the effects and outcomes, and ask yourself: Who are you truly making these choices for?

The Art of Saying No

Navigate Life’s Choices with Backbone Power

The Backbone Power Guide

Make Better Choices, Achieve Greater Success

Better Decision-Making

Embrace Backbone Power for a Life Aligned with Your Values

Decide with Clarity

The Backbone Power Approach to Integrity and Success

Say No with Confidence

Unlocking Backbone Power for Better Decision-Making

Integrity in Action

Embrace Backbone Power for Confident Decision-Making

Backbone Power is a resource for everyone —

from mothers to college graduates to individuals facing tough choices between family and work. Anne Brown, drawing from her extensive professional experience and mentorship with Dr. Fernando Flores, empowers you to make decisions that lead to success, regardless of challenges like co-dependency, family issues, addictions, or emotional stress.

Kind words from readers:

“This book brings to light many ways we sacrifice ourselves without even knowing that it is occurring.
Very well written. Great content. Eye opening understanding in a way that will set you free.
I highly recommend this book not only for those who are struggling with an imbalanced life, but also for those who want understand life changing choices.

– Lauren D. Vines

Kind words from readers:

“ This book has helped me so much. Thank you Dr. Anne.

I have struggled with being overly accommodating to people all my life. Don’t get me wrong, I like helping others, but it is so easy for people to take advantage of my ‘niceness’. This book is helping me to respect myself more, my time more, and know when to draw the line and say “Enough!””

William K. Penny

“Discover the transformative power of making choices for yourself, leading to greater happiness and fulfillment. Say no to choices that don’t serve your best interests and unlock your path to greater success. Start your journey with Backbone Power today!

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