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“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself!”

Rationalizing is something we do when we don’t want to face the truth.

Rationalizing is something we use to make what just happen ok in our eyes.

Rationalizing is a tool for survival when things are too bad to survive.

Rationalizing helps us cope when we can’t cope!

Rationalizing is making up a story to protect those we love in our eyes!

Rationalizing is smoothing everything over because the road became too bumpy.

Rationalizing is what people do to enable substance abusers.

Rationalizing is what abusers do to justify their abusing.

Rationalizing is what victims do to justify being abused.

Rationalizing is what people do when they want to pretend they didn’t hear about or see abuse.

Rationalizing is what unconscious people do to remain unconscious.

Rationalizing is what we use to continue destroying the environment.

Rationalizing is what we do to justify taking advantage of others to feed our greed.

Rationalizing is what we do to continue to lie!

Rationalizing serves a purpose ONLY for a while and then it WILL gradually kill us because it gets in the way of the truth.

“The only people who will get mad at you for speaking the truth are those that are living a lie! Start speaking the truth!!”



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